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Recording The Dance Album

March 30, 2008

So we had chosen a church about 40 km from Tallinn to record the album. Now I think I would do it in a studio on the carpet. It scares me that everything must be done on the spot. The same crew had recorded a harpsichord CD in the same church recently and my editor […]

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Practicing for the recording session

March 29, 2008

Once again I thought that summer is long 🙂 In Estonia the summer is just about 2-3 months but once its here it feels that it is going to stay forever. September has always been an important change in everybody’s life here – most of the people have to go back to schools and their […]

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Guillem Alonso and TapOlé

March 18, 2008

I think it was the spring of 2007 when the “world champion of step dance” Guillem Alonso visited the annual step dance event in Tallinn. I knew nothing about him and about the event, too. But appeared that the organizers were forced to find a guitarist that would perform the Asturias by Albeniz as Guillem […]

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Formation of the idea of the dance album

March 12, 2008

For 2007 I had recorded a classical guitar duo CD and some occasional tracks with modern music for the Estonian Public Broadcast Corp and for some young composers. Also, I had played in some guitar parts for some bands’ albums, we’d recorded our guitar quartet and so on, so I had plenty of recording experience […]

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Musicians of The Dance Album

March 1, 2008

So I needed somebody to play the early music percussion, to clap hands and play castagnets, somebody who could get a samba groove out of the guitar and a cellist. To find somebody that is good with early percussion is easy in Estonia – you have just two choices. I chose both but started with […]

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