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Making a Sound on Guitar – the Only Thing That One Can Hear

July 25, 2010

It’s common that people spend a lot of time on learning different chord shapes and scales. But you should keep in mind that no matter what tricks you can do with your left hand, the right hand is still the one that produces the sound. No need to say that sound is the most important […]

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Tallinn Guitar Quartet plays Vivaldi

July 25, 2010

TGQ has a small tour around Estonian State Concert’s concert halls with the new program: Four concerts from Vivaldi’s L’Estro Armonico. Live dates: 21st of July 2010 Jõhvi Concert Hall 22nd of July 2010 Pärnu Concert Hall 24th of July 2010 Tallinn Town Hall Listen to Jõhvi live:

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Building Up a Guitarist’s Practising Plan

July 17, 2010

Often I talk to people who have everything that it takes to improve their guitar playing: they have time to practise, they have good guitars, the will and motivation. Not to mention tons of study materials, guitar method books, DVDs and online courses. Still they’re not happy with their progress and tend to blaim either […]

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Iberia live at Kuressaare 05.08.2010

July 15, 2010

Tickets from here, pdf poster from here: iberia

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A Perfect Training for a Guitarist – Accompanying Dancers

July 10, 2010

For two days I was asked to help my friend Maria, who runs a flamenco school in Tallinn. We have been performing together for a few years but this time she asked me to participate in her special Farruca-class to accompany her students. Usually they practise with music from CDs so it was a special […]

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Playing guitar in the garden

July 2, 2010

Kristo plays the Impressao de Rua by Isaias Savio in his garden.

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