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New Flamenco Program

September 29, 2011

This season we have agreed to play 50-60 concerts at schools to introduce the flamenco culture. Estonian State Concert is the agency and players are: Kristo Käo (guitar, handclapping, cajon, dance, talking), Reigo Ahven (cajon, handclapping, guitar, dance, talking), Maria Rääk (dance, handclapping, teaching). Here is a short promotional video that the agency came up […]

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A Day Without My Guitar

September 12, 2011

Once in a while I need a break from playing the guitar. This year I have discovered two possible things to do besides playing music. In July I got my first experiences as an alpinist. I spent a few weeks in altitudes higher than 3500 m and the peak was about 5000 m so I […]

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