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What Is The Best Age For Taking Up The Guitar

November 11, 2013

Karlsson on the roof: “..I am clever, reasonably fat man in my best years” Little Brother: “Which are the best years?” Karlsson: “All of them!” (quoted from Astrid Lindgren’s renown children’s book “Karlsson On The Roof”, 1955) You don’t need to be smart or fat to learne the guitar although it may help. The truth […]

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How Long Should One Practice a Musical Instrument?

November 10, 2013

A study looked at professional violinists and found out that before the age of 21, they had all practised an instrument for 10 000 hours. Given that the violin playing started at the age of 6 mostly, it makes an average of 666 hours a year. In round figures we can say that these people […]

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Estonian chamber music for flute and guitar at Liepaja festival

November 1, 2013

Festival Via Baltica, celebrating the remembrance of the Baltic Way, took place from August 22 to 31 in cities of Latvia – Liepāja and Kuldīga. Festival program consisted of master classes, exhibition, discussions and chamber concerts by Lavian, Lithuanian, Estonian, French, Spanish and Russian artists. On August 23, duo Leonaora Palu (flute) and Kristo Käo […]

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