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We launched a smart guitar game

December 31, 2013

Me and my colleague from the university (Margus Niitsoo, PhD) have been working on sound recognition lately. I recorded hundreds of samples on different guitars this summer to form the basis for machine learning. Now our virtual professor can distinguish between different pitches and chords pretty accurately. Rhythm, timing and tempo recognition is under development. […]

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Playing lute with orchestra and choirs

December 22, 2013

This Christmas I had a wonderful chance to be a member of a symphony orchestra. Nothing special? Well, I played the renaissance lute against orchestra, organ, piano, percussion and 3 choirs (130 singers). It was Mart Siimer’s Christmas story ‘The 4th King’. Lute was included in 8 songs (of 13), being important in 4-5 pieces. […]

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Smart Guitar Chord Game strumProfessor

December 17, 2013

This week we launched our first interactive guitar game. It is called the strumProfessor. You can try it out at: All you need is a guitar and a microphone. Let us know what do you think?  

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