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A Free Online Course For Learning To Play Simple Melodies On The Guitar

April 25, 2014

A guitar is an instrument that enables you to play either melodies, chords, or rhythm, and everything at once. The simplest way to start, though, is by playing melodies. During this mini-course you will acquire the main skills and knowledge you need to play melodies on a guitar both by ear as well as from sheet music […]

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Our Team Got Some Funding For The MatchMySound Project

April 17, 2014

After finishing the guitar chord game we have been working on a bigger project called MatchMySound. It is a web app for music teachers that allows them to give their students  measurable homework. Basically an automated music teacher that has a very good ear for students’ mistakes. It distinguishes between the timing and sound mistakes […]

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Rhythm, Meter, Tempo – What Are They?

April 9, 2014

One important part of a melody is the pitch but besides that we must deal with another highly important characteristic of notes – duration or length. You might have heard terms rhythm, meter, tempo. What are they? To produce rhythm, we need at least two notes, and they should not be played very far from […]

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Chord Of The Week: D7

April 4, 2014

D7 is often the first seventh chord that one learns when starting to play guitar chords. In my children’s guitar method book I introduce the D7 even earlier than D major triad. I do it because very often the D7 is preceded by C major and then it is possible to leave the first finger […]

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Play Your Chords So That The Picture And Sound Match

April 1, 2014

I have just finished a long guitar course for middle school music teachers. We started in Aug 2013 and had 32 x 45 min group lessons during the year. The main goal was to teach them to teach chords. Btw, Estonia is probably the only country in the world where guitar is now in the […]

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