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Tallinn Music Week 2014

Published on March 24, 2014 By admin

Kristo Käo (guitar) & Leonora Palu (flute) at Nokia Concert hall on 27th of March, around 21:30. This is the annual Tallinn Music Week – the biggest showcase festival in Nordic and Baltic region: http://tallinnmusicweek.ee/artist_2014.php?nid=484 Here is what we will play: R.Eespere / Matbeth J.Reinvere / Water Dance L.Sumera / For BBB and his Friend

Estonian chamber music with flute and guitar

Published on March 10, 2014 By admin

Estonian chamber music for flute and guitar at Liepaja festival

Published on November 1, 2013 By admin

Festival Via Baltica, celebrating the remembrance of the Baltic Way, took place from August 22 to 31 in cities of Latvia – Liepāja and Kuldīga. Festival program consisted of master classes, exhibition, discussions and chamber concerts by Lavian, Lithuanian, Estonian, French, Spanish and Russian artists. On August 23, duo Leonaora Palu (flute) and Kristo Käo […]

New trio by Indrek Palu

Published on June 9, 2013 By admin

In autumn 2012 we premiered this piece in a cold church in Pärnu. Now, after a few months we gathered again in sunny Tartu to record this piece in a live setting. The composition was a part of Indrek’s composition studies at the Estonian Academy of Music. Performers: Leonora Palu (flute), Indrek Palu (violin), Kristo […]

Jose Lezcano Sonata for guitar and alto violin

Published on June 30, 2012 By admin

After struggling with Arpeggione and Debussy we took up even more difficult piece: Sonata for guitar and viola by Jose Lezcano. First, we waited for the score for a few months and then had already concerts coming up. Did a bunch of rehearsals and finally got the hang of it. Also, the program included a […]

Chamber Music for Trio

Published on January 29, 2012 By admin

I played a small series of chamber concerts with a very demanding program: Debussy Sonata for Harp, Viola and Flute (of course, guitar replacing the harp), Takemitsu “Toward the Sea” and Schubert’s “Arpeggione”. Here is a video from our performance at the annual festival Fiesta de la guitarra: