A Program of Early Italian Baroque Music

3_MS_20_09_2014_FloridanteOn Sat, 20th of Sep 2014 at 4:00 PM in Pärnu St Elisbeth’s we played a program with the baroque music ensemble Floridante and soprano Kai Kallastu. Members of Floridante that played in that program: Meelis Orgse (baroque violin), Saale Fischer (harpsichord), Tõnu Jõesaar (viola da gamba) and Kristo Käo (theorbo). Meelis has studied the violin at Estonian Acad. of Music (BA), Sibelius Acad. (MA in baroque violin) and is continuing his baroque violin studies at Bremen, Germany. Saale has BA from Est. Acad. of Mus and MA from Trossingen, Germany (historical keyboard instruments), has worked as organist and continuo-player in Germany and Egypt. Tõnu is a reknown Estonian cellist, a member of the National Symphony Orch., and shares his time between the modern instrument and viola da gamba for many years already. As for me – I have just started playing the theorbo and this was my first full program as accompanist.

The program:


The full concert was recorded but I am still waiting for the files. Here we are talking (and playing a bit) at the national classical music radio station (Klassikaraadio): http://heli.er.ee/helid/klassika/1834243.mp3


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