Celebrating Birthday with the Dance Program Live

Maria and Reigo giving me the roses after the show

Maria and Reigo giving me the roses after the show

Yesterday we performed our dance program in a very-very suitable environment. It was as if the classic black box and a good sounding chamber hall had a child. In fact, it was a theatre hall built to an old bank. High ceiling, good stage, audience sitting around the stage.

It was a very special show. On one hand, the organizers had done great job and the house was packed. On the other hand I had a birthday and Maria and Reigo did a special dance number to me in the end of the show, right after our encore. Snow was snowing outside and wind was blowing like hell. It is normal here. But to play Spanish music at the same time? Well, a big contrast indeed.

Our program had many numbers from my Dance Album but the accent was on the Iberian culture this time. So we had Albeniz, Malats, Tarrega, Serrano and Turina on the program. I was playing the guitar, Maria Rääk was dancing and then we had Reigo Ahven on cajon and palmas.

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