Different Shapes Of A Guitar Chord

The guitarist in this video (Bob Marley – Exodus) seems somewhat bored. Is it because he only has to play a single chord during the whole song? Am is probably one of the first chords that a beginner guitarist gets acquainted with. However, even this seemingly quite tough restriction leaves a plethora of possibilites how and what to play.

The A minor triad (Am) is made up of three different notes: a, c, e. Any combination of those notes would sound well in the context of this song. Also, two-note combinations are fine. Not to mention the possibility to double or triple any of the given notes.

Here are some Am chord shapes you might want to try:

am1 am-2


They are generated with the Chorderator.com and as it often happens with chord diagrams – many of the automatically computed chord shapes are actually not playable. At least by an human guitarist 🙂 So you cannot learn them all, pick just some.

A tip for practicing: take the chord shapes from the first row and play the 2nd or 3rd levels of the ChordInvaders Each time when Am appears, play different shapes. Or, alternatively you can also try our brand new custom level where you can specify your own chords. For example, set just two chords and experiment with different shapes.

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