Estonian Guitar Society’s Annual Meeting 2010 is Over

Estonian Guitar Society

This weekend many of the Estonian guitar teachers spent good time in Otepää where the annual guitar teachers’ seminar was held. It is organized by the Estonian Guitar Society. Here is a short overview of what did we do and who were our guest this time: Our days were filled with lectures, ensemble playing, individual lessons and concerts. The tempo was high so sometimes there even was no time to eat but people seemed to be happy. So here are the highlights of this year’s seminar.

– Aet Mikli’s lecture “About the possibility of the group lessons with different age groups”
– Baltic Guitar Quartet‘s concert
– Julia Kahro-Reinman’s lecture “Playful guitar playing” (about tricks that she uses when teaching small kids)
Patricio Zeoli’s lecture about Sor, Giuliani and Tirado
Kristo Käo‘s lecture “What is the best guitar lesson?” (my lecture’s slide soon to be available here!)
– Kirsi Tilk’s folk music workshop
– Patrik Kleemola’s recital (Giuliani, Takemitsu, Jose)
– Patricio Zeoli’s recital (Aguado, Tirado, Coste, Giuliani)
– Kristo Käo’s lecture “Tuning and maintaining the guitar”

Also there was a guitar orchestra conducted by Julia Kahro-Reinman and private lessons with Patricio Zeoli and Patrik Kleemola. The seminar is over but our festival Fiesta de la guitarra continues – more concerts to come all over the country. See

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