Formation of the idea of the dance album

how to get your rhytm straightFor 2007 I had recorded a classical guitar duo CD and some occasional tracks with modern music for the Estonian Public Broadcast Corp and for some young composers. Also, I had played in some guitar parts for some bands’ albums, we’d recorded our guitar quartet and so on, so I had plenty of recording experience but I did not have a solo CD of my own.

I was not hurrying at all with my own project because I had concerts all the time and I was busy starting my online guitar method. The last thing I needed was another guitar CD with the ordinary repertoire that everybody is sick of, or worse – an album with some modern music that usually doesn’t get further than its premiere! So I was gathering ideas and let things just flow. After all – a CD with some classical music cannot be a bestseller and it serves just as a namecard or a nice gift to the friends.

I had accompanied some local flamenco dancers and had understood very clearly that an ordinary classical guitarist with the normal classical training (like me!) definitely lacks the sense of rhytm that it takes to accompany a simple dance! I started to observe my students at the Estonian Academy of Music where I was teaching and found that it was a very serious problem with all classical guitarists. It is hardly a new thing but it was the time when I truly acknowledged the fact and admitted that I was not better myself.

How do you change that?

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