How Popular is the Classical Guitar on the Web?

Often I find myself in conversations where people praise the things that they know about. What do I mean by that? Well, classical guitarists tend to say that everybody knows classical guitar and train conductors say that the security bars at the crossroads are always down. But if you look a bit further than your nose and collect some data then it may broaden your views. For example, let’s see how popular is the classical guitar on the web right now:

Guitar on Google 2011

You can see that less than one third of the people who search for ‘acoustic guitar’ on Google are searching for the ‘classical guitar’. This proportion has been the same for last 2 years. The overall numbers change but proportion is the same. Generally we can say that classical guitarists bite only a small piece of the big guitar cake. I can also see it every day at my guitar shop. But none of the real guitars can compete with Guitar Hero 🙂


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