How To Sell the Guitar Music I

The Dance Album and Kiss on the Water front coversUnfortunately the guitar is not the instrument of an orchestra. That’s why the guitarists who are not playing in some band need seriously to think what they are going to do after graduating from music area. In different countries the situation is different but you don’t need to invent anything new, you can always take a look at what the others do.

Generally the guitar players can not get away from teaching guitar. It is quite hard to manage only by playing the guitar. That is why most of the players are linked to schools, learning stuff and master classes. Besides the demand for the teachers is almost always availible. For example UK Music Jobs offer about 5-6 jobs to the guitar teachers every day. It is not bad at all. Of course in condition if you live in UK.

One way to sell your music is record- selling. But as we know it can be quite hard to make money by selling classical recors. All that long process starting with choosing songs and ending with recording and producing can be very complicated and it takes a lot of time. The hardest part of that process starts when the record box is already behind your door – it is SELLING.

Starting of selling is not easy in the beginning because nobody just knows your music. Hope that somebody just notices your record in the music store and buys it, is not the best solution. Think about that how many records are in the music store, and how many people come to the shop to buy some classical record per day. And how many people would buy an unknown record? What to do then?

I’ll write about that more and if you are interested, next time i’ll talk about record selling in USA – how to sell them there and make it so that people are going to buy them as well.

Share your experience in your life as being a guitarist, how things are going for you so far?

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