Kristo Käo in Warsaw with Leonora Palu

Leonora & Kristo in Warsaw 2011. Photo by Radoslaw Surowiec

Kristo Käo and Leonora Palu (flute) performed a couple of concerts in Warsaw (Poland) in the end of January 2011. One of the concerts took place at the State Etnographical Museum on 21st of Jan at 18:00.

The program included Estonian chamber music for flute and guitar (Rene Eespere, Peeter Vähi, Kuldar Sink) as well as other European composers’ music.

More information about the concert. The concert was free and was organized by the Estonian Embassy in Poland.

My bag was lost after the trip and it took almost a week for it to arrive to Tallinn. According to the stamps it had been to Frankfurt and even Tel Aviv (I don’t believe it really). Anyway, the live recording of our concert was in this bag and now as I got it, I will share it here. This was exactly the order of our program.

The acoustics were very dry in this hall and I used a secret amplifier. It was hidden behind the curtain, I had a wireless connection. In my solo piece you can hear that sometimes the sound goes more quiet. It is because I accidentally touched the connection while playing. Other pieces were fine, luckily.

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