New Guitar is Ready!

Kristo and Viljar at the workshop June 2011 Tallinn

Just came back from the academy and brought my brand new guitar. My luthier Viljar Kuusk completed it last week but still kept it for polishing. Now I said it’s enough because I have to play tomorrow and the day after. He can continue polishing some other time 🙂

The guitar is special in many ways but I am happy that once again I have the small body and spruce top. Compared to my previous cedar top (also by Viljar) the new instrument doesn’t sound small at all. The main new feature is the detachable neck. I will get a special suitcase done and the measures will fit exactly to the common 55x45x20 hand luggage compartment. That is what I need! The funny headstock also saves a couple of centimetres.

I will take the neck off some other day to make pictures and to find out how it works but now I need a few hours to get used to the sound and action before my concert tomorrow.

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