Our Team Got Some Funding For The MatchMySound Project

vega_finalAfter finishing the guitar chord game we have been working on a bigger project called MatchMySound. It is a web app for music teachers that allows them to give their students  measurable homework. Basically an automated music teacher that has a very good ear for students’ mistakes. It distinguishes between the timing and sound mistakes and timing has also three aspects: rhythm, tempo stability and speed.

This Monday we competed with 11 other teams at the University of Tartu’s Vega Foundation’s final round. We had a 3 minute pitch and 10 min Q&A. Here is an excerpt from the university’s press release:

The aim of the project is to develop a tool of mathematic algorithm-based automatic control for music teachers. “Until now, teachers have not been able to give homework that could be genuinely measured. This software solution will analyse the teacher’s performance and will compare it to the performance of the student, so that the students will know if they are already as good as their teacher,” Käo explains the working principle of MatchMySound.

Full photo gallery from here. We will launch the MatchMySound Beta next week!

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