Duo Puusaag-Käo


Kristo Käo, Jorma Puusaag

The idea of this program is to try unhide the fact that most of the people like beautiful music instead of chaotic. We took some Estonian composers’ and guitarists’ pieces and mixed them with more popular guitar tunes and are really happy that the outcome has gained so much positive feedback both at concerts and by the listeners at home. Btw the CD with this program is one of the most played guitar discs on the classical music program of the Estonian Public Broadcast!

Jorma and Kristo have played together since 1998 and have played piles of different music since then. Now they concentrate more on not-so-academic repertoire but try to stress that the best features of the guitar are beautiful sound and of course – the rhytm!


Kristo Käo – classical guitar
Jorma Puusaag – classical guitar, acoustic guitar

See the tracklist of this program from the section Discography. The manager and dealer of this program is the State Concert Institute (Eesti Kontsert): www.concert.ee The exact selection of pieces is slightly different in a live program than on the CD adding more rhytm and groove as the live performance needs it.

Sound samples: Tõnu Kõrvits. Kiss on the Water, Enrique Granados. Spanish Dance No 2

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