Renaissance Songs

THE SONGS AND DANCES OF RENAISSANCE. Kristo Käo (guitar, lute), Riho Ridbeck (vocals, percussion)

Kristo Käo

The Lute

Riho Ridbeck & Kristo Käo

The program naturally grew out of the dance project because when there is a dance then there must be a song once in a while, too. Also, playing those old pieces with the accompaniment of percussion made me feel that I would like to investigate this field a little bit further. So, half of the program is made up of renaissance dances played by the lute and the guitar together with different percussion instruments. The other half are the songs from English renaissance. Why English? Well, the genre of lute songs really flourished there but the fact that at least half of the information in a song is in the text led us to exclude all other languages.

Riho Ridbeck is a founding member of the reknown early music group Hortus Musicus and is also teaching and singing more modern genres of vocal music.


Kristo Käo – guitar, lute
Riho Ridbeck – vocals, percussion

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