Recording the Guitar at Home

Recording the Guitar

Some years ago you had to book a recording studio to record your music or try out an idea. Those days are over. There are numerous ways how you can do it at home. Here is a short list of my equipment and some sound examples.

1. Computer. Any up-to-date machine will do. I use an old MacBook. Even its own sound card is good enough for many things.

2. Sound card. I use a Yamaha Audiogram 3 for line in and Zoom H-2 for field recordings.

3. Audio editing software. The free Audacity does many things. If you have just a solo guitar, then Audacity is enough.

4. Music production software. The Audiogram comes with Cubase but Mac’s own free Garage Band is capable of doing it all. If you have some money to spend then nothing beats the Logic.

That’s it. Equipped with those tools you can make beautiful demos or even record CDs. All depends on your style and setup. For vocals you need good microphones and recording drums is more difficult. My recent CD Live at Cafe Sadhu is done with Zoom H-2 plus some professional mastering.

This is done with the Garage Band: The Resolver. I Won’t Go Under

How do you record your music?

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