Small vs big venues

playing guitar in farmhouseIn June I will play The Dance Album in a row in very different conditions – one day it is a big historical town hall building and the next day it’s a small and very modern private house. It is alwasy a great contrast – one day you concentrate on projecting the sound to everyone in the audience and the next day you are actually playing IN the audience so the feeling and actions are all different.

I enjoy playing the guitar in more unofficial environments. I tend to talk a lot about the music that I play and in a big hall with big reverb it is sometimes even a little bit comic to say more than a few words because otherwise I feel like preacher 🙂 Also I like the audience to feel free not all tied up in their suits and sitting on those historical but oh-how-uncomortable seats.

The truth is that the guitar needs some reverb and echo in the room so that is exactly why despite everything it is much easier to produce good sound in those old festive buildings. At somebody’s home you usually have a very dry sound so it takes hard work to get some sound out of the guitar.

So beautiful guitar sound on one hand and free and cosy atmosphere on the other hand – I like both and will keep working on uniting those things in all my live performances.

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