9. Edmar Fenicio. Memorias de Chiquinha. 2’29’’

A page from the booklet of "The Dance Album"The Brazilian composer and arranger Edmar Fenicio has written a set of compositions each of which is dedicated to some famous Brazilian composer. Among others there is a guitar piece in memory of a Brazilian woman pianist and composer Chiquinha Gonzaga. As Chiquinha was closely associated with the local musical culture, Fenicio’s piece is also based on a dance form from that era – the maxixe.

When I asked my Portuguese teacher (who is from Brazil) about this dance, she was not able to tell me much about it as it has gone out of fashion. At the time it was known as Brazilian tango and danced mainly in Rio de Janeiro.

Kristo Käo – guitar

The fingering that I used for the Memorias de Chiquinha page1 Memorias page2

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