The posters of the Dance Album tour

The Dance Album bannerHere are some more of the ideas that my artist gave to me when I was planning the tour. Only one of them was chosen (the one with blue and white) but there was some kind of misunderstanding between the pdf file and the printing software so it omitted the blue color at all and it turned out all white! It was fair enough, though.

I know that every guitar CD, guitar banner or poster must have a big guitar on it so everybody understands that it is connected to the guitars. My duo album follows that rule and many many other things, too. But the Dance Album cover doesn’t have a guitar on it and those posters here, too. Who would tell that it is a guitar over my shoulder?

dance album poster2The other one (at the right side) has a guitar but it isn’t me on the picture so I did not choose it. The black one a few posts back doesn’t have nor the guitar or the man.

There were also some colour variations of every poster. Usually, I like to get my posters designed under my own control, because otherwise it often turnes out that there is a man with whatever kind of guitar on the picture (electric guitar!). It happens more often that you would imagine. For many people guitar is either the metal string western dreadnought or the electric guitar and I cannot blame them: see for yourselft that the search term “classical guitar” is less than 10% of the search volume of “acoustic guitar” and “electric guitar”.

So those 100 million people who search for the “guitar” every month are only about 6-7% likely to search for the classical guitar. So eventually – who cares what kind of guitar do you have on your poster – as long as it is not a violoncello or something!

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