Tips on speeding up your chord changes 1

The difficult thing about guitar chords is not constructing and remembering them. It’s changing chords that is actually complicated. Chords have to be changed fast and with precision, all fingers moving simultaneously towards their new place while changing chords. You know it anyway. But how to achieve that? Let’s start with these two chords:

am c


The first and the second finger don’t have to move when changing these chords, only the third finger has to change its place.

Like this:

akordivahetus1am_c1. Now start changing chords in such a way that during one beat you strum the chord, and then spend three pauses on changing. Repeat this many times. This will be the rhythm:





2. If you manage, play the chord already for two beats and leave two pauses for the changing:



3. Once you are changing smoothly and precisely, further reduce the number of pauses. Now you will be playing already for three beats and there is only one pause left for changing chords:



Important: If it is possible to leave some finger in the same place when changing chords, it must definitely be done!

Now you are ready for playing the first two levels of our new guitar chord game. That will ensure that your chord not only look right but they also sound correctly!

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