What Makes a Good Guitar Lesson

The most common way to learn to play the guitar or any other instrument is to get a good teacher and attend lessons. Of course, you should practice on your own between lessons. Lesson is just a short happy occasion when you meet your teacher, get your homework evaluated and what else? Let’s see what a guitar student should expect from a well organized guitar lesson.

If you’re the student then your goal is different from your teacher’s goal – one of you already can play the guitar. So most of students automatically respect their teachers and believe everything what they say. That’s good and if you are making progress then you hardly ever have to question the quality of the guitar lessons. But believe me or not – there are plenty of teachers around who actually have no idea what they’re gonna do with you in the next lesson. So here comes the first rule of a good guitar lesson:

1. Good lesson is always based on a plan

So if you’re not sure then ask your teacher – what are your plans with this season/semester? What are we going to learn and how am I going to achieve the goals that we set together?

2. Lesson is the place where you get your problems solved

Teaching is all about solving problems. If you go home from a good guitar lesson then you always know what are you going to practice when you get home. If you leave the class with confusion and feeling that you still “are not good enough and need to practice practice practice” then you should ask for more.

3. Good lesson is never boring, it always includes different actions and some fun

Studying an instrument includes similarities with doing sports but it also must have the creative side. A well organized lesson includes warm-up, techniques, interpretation and playing.

There are more things that make a wonderful guitar lesson but don’t forget that very much depends on you as a student – if you don’t do your homework and just keep demanding things from your teacher then you’re not getting anywhere.

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