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Audience gives feedback

October 31, 2010

It is good to know that there are people out there who enjoy things I’ve done. Here’s a recent letter from an Argentinian who had listened music from “The Dance Album”: Dear Kristo: “First, I want to congratulate you, because I had the opportunity of listening to you on youtube. I was appreciating you playing […]

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What is the Best Guitar Lesson?

October 24, 2010

It can seem like a difficult question but nothing can be easier to answer if we use some logic and deduction. We could begin like this: The best guitar lesson is the one that helps to achieve the set goals. Then we have to ask two further questions – 1) Who’s goals and 2) What […]

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Left-handed Guitarist?

October 21, 2010

In many languages ‘left’ means something wrong, weak or bad. So in many cultures the left-handedness has regarded as ‘wrong’. Therefore it is difficult to say how many lefties do we really have. But using different tools that are designed for right-handed people may be tough for lefties. The same goes for musical instruments. Wikipedia […]

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Acoustic Versus Classical Guitar

October 14, 2010

Almost every day I have to explain people what exactly is the difference between the classical and the acoustic guitar. The fact that I have touched the topic in every guitar book that I have written does not make it any easier. Let’s now try with a very compact video:

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Guitar Music Styles are Different Languages

October 7, 2010

Ok, everybody knows that guitar is by far the most popular music instrument in the Western world. Let’s face the numbers: 37 M searches per month in Google beats the next most popular instrument piano by 50%. The difference used to be even bigger but something has changed in the way how Google counts the […]

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Recording the Guitar at Home

October 1, 2010

Some years ago you had to book a recording studio to record your music or try out an idea. Those days are over. There are numerous ways how you can do it at home. Here is a short list of my equipment and some sound examples. 1. Computer. Any up-to-date machine will do. I use […]

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