Candlelight Concert: Leçons de ténèbres by Couperin

February began with performing some baroque music with my good colleagues from the ensemble Floridante. The concert was part of the annual MustonenFest, a long-standing international music festival that explores music from different genres and centuries. The program is put together by the legendary violinist and founder of the 50-year-old early music ensemble Hortus Musicus,… Continue reading

Christmas with Corelli Baroque Orchestra Soloists

December 28.-29. 2022. Corelli Baroque Orchestra Soloists, Tartu Youth Choir, conductors Martin Sildos and Markus Leppoja. Tartu St. Paul’s and Tallinn St. John’s. The Corelli private agency organizes at least two annual orchestra projects: Eastern and Christmas. However, this time the orchestra was down to a handful of players, so let’s better call in an… Continue reading

A New Record: “A Forgotten Day” with Alexander Ivashkevich

The album “A Forgotten Day,” featuring author songs and poems by well-known poets, reflects on life in all its emotional shades, speaking of longing, hope, disappointment, pain, and joy, but above all, love. “Since the beginning of time, the theme of loneliness, the need for understanding and love has touched people. Today, this need is… Continue reading

A New Record: “Con Spirito,” Guitar Music by Peeter Prints

Peeter Prints’ (1961) sheet music publication “Ballads, Preludes, Arias, Etudes, Blues” is likely familiar to all classical guitar students in Estonia from the beginning of the 1990s until now. The enduring interest in Prints’ music cannot be explained simply by the fact that there is a lack of printed music by Estonian authors for classical… Continue reading

A New Record: AMARILLI MIA BELLA – Pop of Early Modern

By the early 1600s, the world was undergoing significant changes. Copernicus had placed the Sun at the center of the universe, Columbus had discovered America, the Church was going through the Reformation, and philosophers introduced new ideas about humanism and the individual’s role in society. As a result, rhetorics became an important part of school… Continue reading

Sound Recognition in Music Education: Promising New Developments

Background. Evolution of the Music Instructional Books Contemporary music education can be divided into two major categories: formal and informal instruction. The first is mostly associated with educational institutions, and the latter with all sorts of self-learners. The second group is often referred to as the MI (music instruction), and it covers musical instruments which… Continue reading