A New Record: “A Forgotten Day” with Alexander Ivashkevich

The album “A Forgotten Day,” featuring author songs and poems by well-known poets, reflects on life in all its emotional shades, speaking of longing, hope, disappointment, pain, and joy, but above all, love.

“Since the beginning of time, the theme of loneliness, the need for understanding and love has touched people. Today, this need is not only relevant, but it is screaming – to understand one’s own soul, to understand another person, and to live in harmony with each other and with nature. The songs and poems on the album have been chosen from the heart. Being human starts with the soul, and it is time to return to it,” says Alexander.

The genre “author song” emerged in the Soviet Union in the mid-1950s and was one of the most important forms of self-expression in the following decade. Its distinctive feature is the combination of the music and text author and performer in one person, as well as a large proportion of the text.

Professionally Translated Poems on the Leaflet

“These songs magically touch the soul even when you don’t understand every word,” says our co-producer Hele-Mai Poobus. “The most important thing is the intonation with which the thought is conveyed. But for every nuance to reach the Estonian listener as well, we also asked for the help of poetess Eda Ahi, whose beautiful translations help us understand the texts more deeply. For the first time, such well-known songs as “Golden City,” “Bright in My Attic Room,” “It’s an Open Secret,” and others have an Estonian equivalent,” Poobus noted.

Alexander Ivashkevich, who won the best male actor award for the role of Myshkin in 2000, divides his time between theater, dance, and photography. Our creative partnership with guitarist Alexander has lasted over a decade, and now the collaboration has resulted in this beautiful album.

By the way, this is my first album that has been released on a vinyl record.

Publisher: Estonian Record Productions
Producers: Peeter Vähi, Hele-Mai Poobus
Designer: Mart Kivisild
Length: 50’05”

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