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Kristo’s CDs on Amazon

November 21, 2010

Kristo’s CDs are now on sale on and for US listeners. You can buy also mp3-s and single tracks. Keep supporting the classical guitar! Buy a CD by Kristo Kao from Amazon.

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The Dance Album on Amazon

November 21, 2010

Did I mention that you can buy my Dance Album and other CDs from Amazon? There are at least 5 sellers who sell new and used ones. Check it out and buy The Dance Album.

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Transporting the Guitar

November 16, 2010

Unlike pianists, we, the guitarists have to carry our instrument from place to place every day. Some of us carry it to school, some to band gigs, some to recitals etc. We transport the guitars on our shoulders, in cars, on planes, trains and ships. Not to mention the bikes and bicycles. Who knows how […]

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A serious tempo school for a guitarist

November 7, 2010

For two days I was asked to help my friend Maria, who runs a flamenco school in Tallinn. We have been performing together for a few years but this time she asked me to participate in her special Farruca-class to accompany her students. Usually they practise with music from CDs so it was a special […]

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Estonian Guitar Society’s Annual Meeting 2010 is Over

November 2, 2010

This weekend many of the Estonian guitar teachers spent good time in Otepää where the annual guitar teachers’ seminar was held. It is organized by the Estonian Guitar Society. Here is a short overview of what did we do and who were our guest this time: Our days were filled with lectures, ensemble playing, individual […]

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The Number of Strings on a Guitar

November 1, 2010

Every child knows that there are six strings on the guitar. But is it alwasy like this? In fact, there are numerous examples of guitars that have more or even less strings. Sometimes there is a clear reason for that but not always. Let’s clear it up a bit. When I talk about the history […]

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