Almost Dance Album live in Haapsalu

Dance Album Haapsalu live 2010Yesterday I performed a dance program with Maria Rääk (dance, castagnets, clapping, choreography) and Reigo Ahven (cajon) at the Haapsalu Kuursaal (look at the second picture).

Haapsalu kuursaal

Haapsalu kuursaal

The program was partly same as my Dance Album tracklist but we’ve taken everything non-Spanish as this show was a total Spanish romantic era program.

We played:

  • Turina Fandanguillo (with castanets and clapping)
  • Anda jaleo (with dance and cajon)
  • Albeniz Tango (solo)
  • Spanish romanza (the famous anonymous piece, with dance)
  • Seguiriyas (cajon, clapping and dance only)
  • Tarrega Adelita & Lagrima (solo)
  • Serrano Farruca (with dance and cajon)
  • Malats Serenata Andaluza (solo)
  • Albeniz Asturias (with dance and cajon)
  • Albeniz Cadiz (with dance)
  • Tarrega Malaguena (with dance, castagnets and cajon)
  • Some Sevillanas as encore

Hall was packed but sound was a little bit uneven – the stage room is round and is made to amplify sounds but the sound doesn’t often find its way out from there:)

Here’s a little sample of what we did (sound is poor as always:)

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