Chord Of The Week: B9

One last time back to the barré, this time a bit different. As you can see from the picture, it is possible to use other fingers than the first to press down multiple strings. In this case it is the third finger. Some players also use fourth finger in similar cases. And that is basically it – no more options if you want to play this chord shape.



B9 means that there are five different notes in the chord:

  1. Bass (B on fifth string)
  2. Third (D# on fourth string)
  3. Seventh (A on third string)
  4. Ninth (C# on second string)
  5. Fifth (F# on first string)


If you want to omit one of these notes then pick the fifth (F# on the first string). In this case you don’t need a barré anymore but on the other hand have to damp the string.

The more different notes in a chord the more jazzy the sound is. Thus, if you want to simplify things, take some of the thirds off: B9 > B7 > B
However, B is even more tricky chord on the guitar than B9 and B7, so it is easier only in means of the sound.

Have fun with our guitar chord game!

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