Dance album live at Vana-Vigala manor house

Vana-Vigala manor houseVana-Vigala manor celebrated the 1st of September with a guitar and dance concert. They’ve just ended a massive renovation and the house looks prettier than ever. Estonia has plenty of manor houses but most of them are in a bad situation. But all of them have their own character and to play music in such place is always a pleasure.

This time we picked mostly the Spanish pieces from our Dance Album program but I played some Brazilian music as well. By the way – I’ve just relased a new CD to accompany “The Dance Album” in my discography. It is a live CD – “Live at cafe Sadhu” and it includes my own music besides Brazilian composers. See more about the “Live at cafe Sadhu” from here.

Seems that we’ll have some more Dance Album lives in close future. People like live music and dance and we’ve developed a good program. That’s nice.

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