Got the recording contract!

my guitarRecording a classical music CD takes a professional crew and the only place to find such is the National Broadcast Company. In my case it is the Estonian Public Broadcast. Nowadays the waiting list can be long but that’s the way it goes – you write a project and it competes with others and a few will be chosen and recorded. It depends on the musicians involved, the level and quality of the program, the idea behind it and a few other things. To get a solo guitar CD recorded may seem easier than to record an orchestra but actually the process is almost the same.

Once you’re in the boat, you will have an editor, recording crew, technicians, whatever room you choose, montage, mixing and mastering. It includes tens of people and if I consider that I had about 5 more musicians and then the artwork and production team, I felt quite a big responsibility to play my best.

So I started practicing and the recording date was set to the beginning of September of 2007.

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