Welcome to the world of the classical guitar and dance music!

Kristo Kao with the guitarAre you surprised that something as academical as the classical guitar can perform dance music? Well, explore this site and find out!

My Dance Album project is inspired by the fact that the guitar has always been used as a dance instrument. One thing is the choice of the dances – they are mostly well-known pieces, but the other thing is the way of playing those dances:

Rhytm is the most important part of a dance and on this recording I have invited some of my fellow musicians to add some rhytm to the pieces originally written for solo guitar. Every dance here has its own story and all the dances here could hopefully be danced if someone desires!

I play the guitar made by an Estonian luthier Viljar Kuusk (2003)
Recorded: New Apostolic Church of Keila (Estonia) from 4th to 6th September 2007
Sound engineer: Aili Jõeleht
Digital editor: Marika Scheer
Producer: Mirje Mändla (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Design and photos: Pelle Kalmo and Mari-Liis Laanemaa (Sotapota)
Published by: Kitarrikool Records

KRISTO KÄO: The Dance Album

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