Lossimuusika: Leonora Palu (flute), Kristo Käo (theorbo, classical guitar)

25th of March 2016. The ‘Lossimuusika’ (literally ‘castle music’) is a series of chamber concerts that takes place in the summer residence of the emperor Peter I. We played a mixed program of J.S. Bach, C.P.E Bach, Couperin, Reinvere, Takemitsu and Telemann. I think Telemann was Leonora’s solo.

Total effort was 37 h (includes driving to Tallinn and back to Tartu) which means it was a rather time-consuming project. However, we had played all those pieces before. Just that I had not played the Bach’s C major (the one that is actually C.P.E.’s) on theorbo before nor the C.P.E. G-major.