Palace Music with Leonora Palu (flute)

25th of March 2016. The ‘Lossimuusika‘ (literally ‘palace music’) is a well-respected series of professional chamber concerts that takes place in the summer residence of the emperor Peter I. With my long-time duo partner Leonora, we played a mixed program of J.S. Bach, C.P.E Bach, Couperin, Reinvere, Takemitsu, and Telemann. The latter was Leonora’s solo.

The total time clocked for this project was 37 hours (including driving to Tallinn and back to Tartu) which means it was rather time-consuming. The smaller the ensemble, the bigger the effort. However, we had played all those pieces before, just that I had not played Bach’s C major (the one that is actually C.P.E.’s) on theorbo before nor the C.P.E. G-major.

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