Make Your Own Level In ChordInvaders

We have just launched a new feature that allows everyone to create their own level. This way you can practice exactly the chords you need. Also, you can choose how many different chords will you learn during one session and what’s the best feature: you choose the tempo.

For example, I took a chance and set the level ending condition at 125 cpm (chords per minute). I never knew if I could change chords that fast. But I could. Then I set the tempo to 150 and failed. [edit: just achieved 141 cpm. The hard part is sustaining the tempo long enough]. So if in the beginning the chord game may seem like a toy for beginners, it can help even professionals to measure the speed of their actions and learn new things faster.

Try it out at

The custom level feature will appear if you have finished the first level. For one week it is free for anyone to test. Then it will be part of the premium area.

Let us know what you think!

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