Playing a Martin From Year 1921

During my recent stay in the United States I had the rare chance to play a Martin from 1921 which is in a very good shape. I almost never touch anything that has other than gut or nylon strings but this time I thoroughly enjoyed playing this beautiful instrument. I think this is as close as it gets to a classical guitar. Even gave a short concert to a man who by coincidence was also born in 1921: a former tenor at the Metropolitan Opera, and vocal teacher Mr Ray Smolover.

After taking some pictures I thought I would record a little piece to remember that occasion. Didn’t have a better idea than to play this Tarrega prelude which at least demonstrates a wide range of positions etc. The basses are a bit dull but lets admit – the strings were pretty old.

The other instruments on the pictures were also fun to play: another Martin from 1964, a Telecaster from 1956 and a Gibson from 1978. But these already fall out of my profile and interests.

2015-02-01 12.11.34 Martin 1921 2015-02-01 12.08.50Telecaster 1956 Gibson 1978 Martin 1964