Estonian Folk Tunes for Guitar


Estonian Folk Tunes for the Guitar by Kristo KäoKitarrikool Publishing starts a new series of guitar tutor books with Kristo Käo’s “Estonian Folk Tunes for Guitar”. The idea of the book series is to teach and entertrain at the same time. If you are not a guitarist then you can take it as a CD that comes with a book:)

Kristo Käo’s “Estonian Folk Tunes for the Guitar” (Eesti rahvaviisid kitarrile) is a book that shows you how to make an arrangement of a simple tune for one or two guitars. The audio CD of this book is ment to be a study material or just a CD to listen and to get to know a little bit of the Estonian folk music.

A4, 49 pages, ISMN 979-0-54002-104-7 Kitarrikool Publishing 2008, in Estonian language

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