Halo. Värvid

A CD with songs by the Estonian artist, choir conductor, and composer Erki Meister. Recorded by Kaur Faltis in a live concert at Von Krahl theatre, Tallinn, in 2004. I remember that this was my first full album recording and we had to do it twice. The first attempt as a live concert happened in Nukuteater, but one of the sound cards failed, and half of the tracks were gone. It was a great concert, though! However, we had to do it again. I made my own arrangements and still think that these are great songs that deserve another take some time.

Värvid (the Estonian word for ‘colors’) is a collection of singer-songwriter type of songs, but arranged and accompanied by a full band:

Erki Meister – music, most of the lyrics, lead vocal
Madis Zilmer – drums
Ahti Bachblum – keyboard, backing vocals
Ott Alender – acoustic guitar
Kristo Käo – nylon string guitar
Toomas Kengsepp – additional guitars and percussion
Irka – additional backing vocals


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