Practicing for the recording session

Once again I thought that summer is long 🙂 In Estonia the summer is just about 2-3 months but once its here it feels that it is going to stay forever. September has always been an important change in everybody’s life here – most of the people have to go back to schools and their working places and the summer ends, too. But I thought that Septembe will be far and I will have time to practice enough.

Of my program there were some pieces that I had never played before – the waltz by Barrios, gavotta-choro by Villa-Lobos, Folia variations and minuet by Sor and the little branle by Besard, too. The others I had played. As I mentioned, I had to master the Asturias very quickly this spring and the Weiss gigue I’d had in my first master degree concert’s program (the whole suite, of course). Since the pieces are techically very easy, I did not consider it a hard work to record them in a row. Actually we had planned 3 days for the recording and it turned up to be enough of time.

I had been working with the Ricardo Iznaola’s Kitharologus for 5 years and now had started to use the same principles for practicing the actual pieces. I didn’t have so much time as before. Starting my online school business was consuming most of my time and I had to think something out to maintain my playing abilities and to master new music, too. So I had started to cut small sections of a particular piece and file it to a category of right hand formula, scales, chords etc. I did the same with this program.

You can see a part of my working routine from here.

A more detailed discussion on the pieces and the sheet music can be found under the pages dedicated to a particular track from The Dance Album.

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