The Sources of Information for a Guitar Teacher

A (guitar)teacher should always know more than the students and often this is the case. However, young people crawl around the Web, talk to many people and have opinion on everything. How to beat them? The only way is to keep reading. Education is a life-time process and if you give up, you’ll be in trouble sooner or later. Yesterday I finished a session of lectures at the academy and I was also talking about the literature and other sources of information. I’ll share those here too and all additions to that very compact list are welcome.

If we are talking about books that could be useful to a guitar teacher, then we have the following categories: 1) Method books 2) Books about guitars 3) Books about guitarists 4) Encyclopedias 5) Study programs

These are what I recommended to my students yesterday:


Anthony Glise. Classical Guitar Pedagogy: A Handbook for Teachers (Mel Bay Publications, Inc. ISBN-13: 9780786613809)
Eduardo Fernandez: Technique, Mechanism, Learning (Mel Bay Publications ISBN: 9780786647460)
Ricardo Iznaola on Practicing: A Manual for Students of Guitar Performance (Mel Bay Publications ISBN: 9780786658732)
Ricardo Iznaola. Kitharologus: the Path to Virtuosity. (Mel Bay Publications ISBN: 9780786617746)
Ruggero Chiesa. Tecnica fondamentale della chitarra (Edizioni Suvini Zerboni)
Heiki Mätlik. Klassikalise kitarri õppekava muusikakoolidele.
Heiki Mätlik. Klassikalise kitarri õppekava Tallinna Muusikakeskkoolile
Kristo Käo. Kitarrikool – võti praktilise kitarrimängu maailma (Kitarrikooli kirjastus 2007 ISBN 978-9949-15-556-9)
Kristo Käo. Guitar School – the Key to the Practical Guitar Playing (Kitarrikool publishing 2009)
Kristo Käo. Kitarri hooldamine ja häälestamine (Kitarrikooli kirjastus 2010)
Tony Palmer. Julian Bream, a Life on the Road (Franklin Watts, 1983)
Andres Segovia. An Autobiography of the Years 1893-1920 (Macmillan Pub Co, 1976)
Graham Wade, Gerard Garno. A New Look at Segovia: His Life * His Music (2 vols, Mel Bay 1997)
Graham Wade. The Art of Julian Bream (Ashley Mark Publishing 2008)
Graham Wade. Mel Bay Concise History of the Classic Guitar (Mel Bay 2001)
John Duarte. Andrés Segovia: As I Knew Him (Mel Bay, 1998)
John Morrish. The Classical Guitar Book – A Complete History (Backbeat books 2002)



Guitarist (I am a subscriber)
Total Guitar (for teenagers)
Guitar Techniques (Our library is subscriber)
Guitar World


Classical Guitar Magazine
Soundboard (classical)
Guitar Forum (classical, EGTA)
American Lutherie
Guitar Review (Our library is subscribing to that)
GuitArt (original Italian, but translated to ENG)


Acoustic guitar
Fingerstyle guitar

WEBLOGS (Dmitri Illarionov, ENG, RU) (Xuefei Yang, CN, ENG) (Angelo Gilardino) (Kristo Käo) (Kristo Käo, Kaarel-Mikk Parm, EST) (Matanya Ophee) (Brazilian, POR) (John Philip Dimick, founder of (Classical guitar topics and music) (Laura Markee)


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