Visiting Francesco da Milano Grave

Hermann Hauser in da Vinci museum Milan

Went to Milan last weekend for seeing a ballet in La Scala. We had some spare time the day after and I thought I would visit a place that would somehow be connected to the Italian classical guitar or lute tradition.

I thought that although Francesco da Milano was not born in Milano but Monza, he might had had some connections in Milan as well. He was working in Rome and possibly in Paris. So “da Milano” but no connections with the city? Not so. helped me out – Francesco was buried to Milan. Where? was my next question. And now comes the interesting part:

FindAGrave says: ‘… he was buried at the Church of Santa Maria della Scala, which was demolished in 1776 to make way for the La Scala opera house’ So turned out that I visited his grave indeed, I even enjoyed a 3 hour ballet by Glazunov there!

Btw. On the picture above you see a strange guitar with three open basses. That was at the Leonardo da Vinci museum and guess who built this beast? Hermann Hauser himself!

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