Auvergne songs by Joseph Canteloube

Kai Kallastu (soprano)

This spring and summer I had concerts with a guitar-soprano-clarinet trio. I arranged a series of Canteloube’s Auvergne songs to these instruments. They are very beautiful and soon I will arrange some more and we will prepare to record those. At one concert we recorded something but guitar is a bit too far from the mic. The problem was that I amplified a bit with my radio system and the speaker was under the singer’s chair so she could hear me.

Also, to enhance the program with some contemporary music, a young composer Piret Pajusaar wrote a small piece for guitar and clarinet duo. There are only a few pieces written to this instrumentation. A nice piece.

Musicians: Kai Kallastu (soprano), Tarmo Pajusaar (clarinet), Kristo Käo (guitar)

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