Jose Lezcano Sonata for guitar and alto violin

After struggling with Arpeggione and Debussy we took up even more difficult piece: Sonata for guitar and viola by Jose Lezcano. First, we waited for the score for a few months and then had already concerts coming up. Did a bunch of rehearsals and finally got the hang of it.

Also, the program included a trio piece called Latin Fantasy by Pascal Jugy, 2nd mvt from Debussy’s harp-flute-viola sonata, Nightclub and Cafe by Piazzolla, Mystical Uniting by Peeter Vähi (the violin-guitar-flute version)

It was an outdoor event, a traditional concert series in the yard of Pärnu Town Hall. The weather was like it was going to thunder any moment plus a huge metal stick hanging down from the roof, promising to fall down anytime. Anyway, we could do it. Sadly, I did not record. The “house” was packed as always in this series.

Musicians: Leonora Palu (flute), Viljar Kuusk (alto violin), Kristo Käo (guitar)

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  1. Jose Lezcano

    Hi guys!

    I’m thrilled that you learned my piece. Sorry if it’s a bear to learn–other folks have told me that!

    Let me know if you’re interested in some other works–I have some original work and arrangements for trio, duo, etc.



    1. admin

      It is great that you found this page! Currently I’m playing in a soprano/clarinet/guitar trio and we have arranged Canteloube’s Auvergne Songs, 2 first volumes. Also, Montsalvatge’s Canciones negras. If you have anything interesting to either this kind of (very rare) trio or the more traditional violin (or alto violin)/flute/guitar trio, I would be delighted to get to know about it. Many thanks!


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