Jose Lezcano Sonata for guitar and alto violin

After struggling with Arpeggione and Debussy we took up even more difficult piece: Sonata for guitar and viola by Jose Lezcano. First, we waited for the score for a few months and then had already concerts coming up. Did a bunch of rehearsals and finally got the hang of it.

Also, the program included a trio piece called Latin Fantasy by Pascal Jugy, 2nd mvt from Debussy’s harp-flute-viola sonata, Nightclub and Cafe by Piazzolla, Mystical Uniting by Peeter Vähi (the violin-guitar-flute version)

It was an outdoor event, a traditional concert series in the yard of Pärnu Town Hall. The weather was like it was going to thunder any moment plus a huge metal stick hanging down from the roof, promising to fall down anytime. Anyway, we could do it. Sadly, I did not record. The “house” was packed as always in this series.

Musicians: Leonora Palu (flute), Viljar Kuusk (alto violin), Kristo Käo (guitar)