Dance Album live in Kuressaare castle

kuressaare castleThe Dance Album tour continues on the islands. First is Saaremaa.

I spent my schoolyears on the island Saaremaa and have been playing the guitar in this building on countless occasions. It is a mysterious place. “The castle is the only medieval fortification in the Baltic States that has not undergone considerable alterations and due to that is an internationally important architectural monument,” says the webpage of the Saaremaa museum. The first remained documents about this building date back to 1380-s.

There are different rooms where one can play but most often the concerts take place in the festive refectory (on the second picture). You can imagine the reverb of the room! In this place the time stands still and it happened again to me that after playing the program no-one moved 🙂 I went to the other room and was waiting to come out again and play my encore which in this program is the 13th track of the CD – the only Estonian piece in the entire program. the hall of kuressaare castle

But people where quiet and I didn’t dare to come out again. So they were sitting for many minutes and it was a very very pieceful moment. There is something very special about this place so it is worth to come and see it from whatever corner of the world.

I have organised a lute duo concert there and it was superb! Also, I remember that during the music school time the National Broadcast recorded us there but years later when I tried to find the tapes from the radio archive, they weren’t there!

One day I will record something in this building and I have an idea to record different tracks in different rooms and times and do something like an acoustic map of this place. I remember a concert tour to Sicily with my trio where we played in an ancient Greek theatre (Palazzolo Acreide) The local people said that this place has very nice acoustics. I thought that they meant that the building has the acoustics but they insisted that I would understand thet the PLACE has the acoustics and that is exactly why this building is built there 🙂 And I believe it. People were not stupid in the past.kuressaare castle front

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