My Solo Program for Summer 2014

This summer I have to carry around three instruments because my solo program includes music for theorbo, classical and flamenco guitar. The first concert was on 27th of May at the tower of Tartu Jaani (St. John) church The first floor of tower accommodates 50 listeners and has a mystical atmosphere. And the floor is uneven, making me seasick 🙂 The banner:

tornimuusika plakat 2014
Today (Friday 13th) I continue my tour around the mystical venues and perform at the Kassari Chapel. It is located on the Kassari island. It took me 6 hours to get here from Tartu. Now I am here at the hotel room, practicing for the evening. My program is clued to the back of my guitars as always:


Oh yes, I forgot to say that in Jaani church I had the soprano Pirjo Püvi from the National Opera performing with me. We did Barbara Strozzi’s “L’Amante segreto”. Today I will play alone and instead of Strozzi I will play B. Castaldi’s La Follia. Here’s how I did it yesterday at my kitchen table (playing in a stone chapel on a rainy and cold day will probably be a bit different):

The tangos and farruca are composed by me for the dancer Maria Rääk. I play them a bit differently since I don’t have a dancer today. Lauri Jõeleht’s “Häll” (“The Cradle”) is a piece that he wrote for me 6-7 years ago but I never had a chance to master it. Now I have learnt the piece and hope to record soon. It is based on an Estonian folk song.

The banner of today’s concert (It’s a small guitar festival):

kassari kitarrid 2014


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