Kiss on the Water

KISS ON THE WATER. Kristo Käo & Jorma Puusaag

Kristo Käo&Jorma Puusaag, Kiss on the Water, cover by Siret RootsThe oldest classical guitar duo in Estonia – Kristo Käo/Jorma Puusaag has been playing together since 1998. In 2006 they recorded some music for the guitar duo and the criteria was that it should sound beautiful. Half of the piece are premiere recordings by Estonian composers.


1 El pano moruno (arr. Len Williams)
2 Tauno Aints. Kergelt vaevatud (arr. Kristo Käo, Jorma Puusaag)
3 Enrique Granados. Spanish dance nr. 2 Oriental (arr. Heiki Mätlik)
4 Peeter Prints. Melodica minimale
5 Tõnu Laikre. Mälestuseks (Jorma’s solo)
6 Robert Jürjendal. Autumn prelude (Kristo’s solo)
7 Sylvius Leopold Weiss. Sonata: Prelude
8 Sylvius Leopold Weiss. Sonata: Allemande
9 Sylvius Leopold Weiss. Sonata: Courante
10 Sylvius Leopold Weiss. Sonata: Sarabande
11 Sylvius Leopold Weiss. Sonata: Gigue
12 Robert Jürjendal. Kurbuse rohi
13 Tõnu Kõrvits. Kiss on the Water
14 Tõnu Kõrvits. I.L.Y.B.
15 Nikita Koškin. Hällilaul
16 Margo Kõlar. Marta

Recording is released under Kitarrikool Records 2007 and is recorded and mastered by Estonian Public Broadcast.

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