Live at Cafe Sadhu

LIVE AT CAFE SADHU. Kristo Käo (2010)

Live at cafe Sadhu, design by Siret Roots

Too many guitar recordings are polished in studios for months and are nearly perfect in many ways – put together from hundreds of takes, resulting no mistakes, superb sound and so on. But sometimes I feel that the more you polish the greater is the chance to wash out some essential things in music – the human feelings and the soul of the music itself. Music on this disc is not the one that would fit to a concert hall. That’s my opinion and with this CD I’d like to thank the people who keep organizing live-music events and jam sessions. Keep going!


1. Kristo Käo. Warm-up 4:55
2. Isaias Savio. Impressão de rua 4:27
3. Kristo Käo. Bossa Modulations 4:39
4. Heitor Villa-Lobos. Choro No. 1 4:20
5. Kristo Käo. A Simple Bossa 4:22
6. Heitor Villa-Lobos. Gavota-choro 4:53
7. João Pernambuco. Sons de carrilhões 2:28
8. Jorge Morel. Danza brasileira
9.-10. Kristo Käo. Prelude & Samba 2:00 + 2:59
11. Kristo Käo. Cool-down 3:17


1. Heitor Villa-Lobos. Gavota-choro
2. João Pernambuco. Sons de carrilhões

Mastering – Koit Pärna
Design – Siret Roots
Sound recording- Kristo Käo
Photos – Krista Kruuv, Kristo Käo
Video edit – Juhan Malmstein
Guitar – Viljar Kuusk (
Space and time – Sadhu

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