Radio promotion – will it help?

phoenix logoNick Peros from Phoenix Classical contacted me recently to talk about chances to get my CD on air in the States. He had found “The Dance Album” from CDBaby. Apparently he liked the CD but also he noticed that it would sound great on the radio. He didn’t know that it was designed from the beginning to sound great on the radio 🙂 But he kept insisting that we should try and give the record a chance.

So I sent about 50-60 pieces of “The Dance Album” to Canada and signed the promotion contract. Now it is just to wait if the stuff finds its way to the programs of the radio stations.

Oh my god –  it took more than a month for the CD box to get to Canada! I had sent things to CDBaby before and it always took 5 days but now… I thought they lost or even better – stole! my CD-s on the way. But actually the case was that I had not agreed to pay enough so it probably went by a ship. Anyway – now Nick got them and let’s see what happens next!

btw – so far my CD has been played on our own National Broadcast classical station for hundreds of times and also a little bit in Latvia and elsewhere, too. I sent it to many European radio stations but have got now feedback. That is also what Nick keeps stressing – it is all about tracking!

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