The “new release” sheet by Phoenix

Digipak of The Dance AlbumSo that is part of the information that went to the radio stations with the Dance Album:


Kristo Kao,
The Dance Album

The Dance Album is the debut solo CD release from acclaimed classical guitarist Kristo Kao and features a unique dance-inspired repertoire performed on solo guitar. With a variety of compositions ranging from the Renaissance to the modern day, Kristo Kao takes us on a wonderful journey through works which are either outright dance compositions or clearly inspired by dance rhythms. From John Dowland’s “Melancholy Galliard”, to the well-known “Bouree” by J. S. Bach, to more recent works by Albeniz, Barrios & Villa-Lobos, Kristo Kao beautifully brings out the dance aspect in each work, while always highlighting the melodic and harmonic richness of each composition. Bach’s famous “Bouree” has been performed and recorded many times, but rarely is the rhythmic lilt of the Bouree dance captured as it is in this performance, while Albeniz’ “Asturias” revels in rhythms inspired by the dance. Kristo’s playing is masterful across every track, showing not only a clear command of his instrument, but a deep sense of the poetry of each work. Coupled with a vibrant production sound, The Dance Album, by Kristo Kao, is a refreshing new recording that invites us into the joy of the Dance.

Artist: Kristo Kao
Title: The Dance Album
Label: Kitarrikool Records

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